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Conker Construction

Production Studio and Indoor Bike Area

With a garden comprising of two levels; the main area and an hidden orchard, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to house our client's garden production studio within the vast organic surroundings of the orchard.

During the design phase, it was noted how important it was for our client to feel connected to the outside whilst working from the vicinity of his studio. This started with the incorporation of aluminium bi-folds and grew to include tall windows in the reading nook, providing a truly tranquil space for reading.

During his downtime our client is an avid cyclist. Therefore a dedicated indoor bike space was an important feature, and what better place to have it than located looking out into his orchard, to give a truly immersive indoor biking experience. 

Being a keen advocate for the natural world, our client was eager to keep the interiors feeling as natural as possible, with plywood walls and oak floorboards. With an ode to the dark exterior cladding, we introduced dark bronze sockets to finesse the interiors and provide a connection between the indoors/outdoors.

We clad the exterior with Shou Sugi Ban (charred wood) Cedar boards to provide longevity and incorporate the dark yet sleek colour scheme desired by the client.

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