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Green Woods

Conker Construction

Many companies boast sustainable principles,
but we go further.

These are not pimped up sheds, these are miniature timber-framed houses.

We build your completely bespoke studio to exacting modern standards,

with a focus on indoor air quality.

We pride ourselves on not only using sustainable materials, but in creating spaces which are efficient, healthy places to be. 

unsustainable practices

With our Bristol garden rooms, we strive towards zero waste, by recycling materials ourselves or by donating to local initiatives such as Recyclo and Bristol Wood Recycling Project.

We use sustainably sourced timberverified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

We can work with you to incorporate reclaimed materials during the design phase

We minimise the use of concrete wherever possible in our builds,

such as our foundation system.

Woood Planks Production

Embrace efficiency


We use Will’s past experience building homes to Passivhaus standards and embrace these same principles with our garden rooms and extensions to create spaces designed around efficiency, enjoyment and quality materials.

Read more about Passivhaus here….

Big Tree

A local business, supporting
our community

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William and his fellow

"Conkerers" built a beautiful garden room for us and they will be missed now complete.



Will is brilliant and gives an

over and above service. I was very happy with his professionalism and friendly manner. Much recommended.



Will is a very talented and personable guy. He found really great creative solutions and delivered a top class job.

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