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Sustainability Initiative 

Our aim .... is to deliver projects for our clients that enable them to live an improved and more sustainable lifestyle.  

How do we do this .... 

Our Garden Rooms .... we design and build our timber-framed garden rooms in line with Passivhaus principles. Whilst we work to make our garden rooms as energy efficient as possible, from insulation through to electrics, we also build our garden rooms using only timber verified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

During the build of our garden rooms, we look to minimise waste by using materials as efficiently as possible. Where necessary, we recycle materials ourselves, our donate to local initiatives such as Recyclo and Bristol Wood Recycling Project. 

Using a Ground Screw foundation system, means there is little disruption to the area on which we build, where the need for concrete becomes obsolete. 

Woood Planks Production

Embrace efficiency


We use Will’s past experience building homes to Passivhaus standards and embrace these same principles with our garden rooms and extensions to create spaces designed around efficiency, enjoyment and quality materials.

Read more about Passivhaus here….

Our Kitchens .... we design our kitchens with longevity and durability at the forefront of our thinking, ensuring that our clients will have a beautiful space for many years to come. 

Working with our suppliers, we are finding sustainable solutions for our designs, limiting the use of materials with high volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and opting for more user and environmentally friendly alternatives, including water-based paints. 

We like to encourage our clients, where possible, to enjoy the traditional elements of their homes, designing a space around pre-existing furniture to increase suitable storage facilities without creating waste. 

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Really please with the job Will, Lauren and Freddie have done, it's totally transformed the space and we love hanging out in the dining room now!



Will did a great job on our project, whilst also being a very hard worker. We 100% recommend him. He is also very friendly, always a pleasure having a chat with him.



Will's workmanship was impeccable and along with his charismatic character we would highly recommend him to do your kitchen. Great job!

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