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Home Office and Indoor Gym

This was an interesting Bristol garden room project for the Conker Construction team. This was because, during the first meeting with the client, it became apparent that there were some non-negotiable features that the garden room must include alongside his home office set-up. A bike workshop and indoor Gym exercise area. 

With this in mind, we wanted to make the space as versatile as possible, creating dedicated sections that could disengage with one another for our clients' hobbies and workspace.

The incorporation of two entranceways made this possible, allowing the client to feel like they were entering two different zones within one building.

As the office and garden gym cabin design evolved, the client became interested in the idea of being connected to the outside world whilst he sat at his desk working.

To achieve this we introduced a floor to (near) ceiling window that would perfectly frame the Bonsai tree beyond the garden room, making for the perfect appreciation spot. 


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