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These are not pimped up sheds, these are miniature timber-framed houses.


We build your completely bespoke studio to exacting modern standards,

with a focus on indoor air quality.

William and his fellow

"Conkerers" built a beautiful garden room for us and they will be missed now complete.

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Garden Rooms

Conker builds custom garden rooms in Bristol that are truly unique to each client. Our timber frame garden rooms can be built as garden officesgarden gymsmusic studios and more. We craft bespoke outdoor workspaces and leisure rooms in Bristol and the surrounding area, tailoring each design to your unique vision and needs. 


From start to finish, your preferences drive our design process - from the first sketch to the final touch.


Using advanced and sustainable construction techniques, we ensure each garden room stands as an example of reliability and long-lasting durability. 


Choose from a diverse array of finishing techniques and protective treatments that not only enhance but also preserve the beauty of your garden room's exterior. 


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Inspired by

The tiny house movement

We believe small spaces exude charm. Ingenious storage and custom cabinetry ensure every inch works for you and continues to delight for years to come.

Designed for you

We ensure every one is unique

Whether your garden room will become your office, gym, business studio, creative space or a place to entertain with friends, we ensure it will match your aspirations.

CGI Model

Envision your final product

With every project, Conker

provide CGI models to help envisage the end-result and to ensure that everyone’s happy before starting construction.

Featured Projects

Featured Video

Behind the Build: Real Customer Experiences with Conker's Bristol Garden Rooms

Behind the Build: Real Customer Experiences with Conker's Bristol Garden Rooms

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Design your garden room in 4 easy steps


Initial meeting and brief about the project

Initial Brief

Understanding your needs

In our first meeting, we will work with you to understand your current lifestyle and needs. From here we can advise on costs, timescales and planning requirements, whilst also assessing your garden.


Providing you with a quotation based on the design proposal


Building a custom quote

Fixed and transparent price quotation with an itemised schedule of works for what we’ll be doing. If accepted, contracts are sorted at this stage.


Translating the ideas discussed at the first meeting into sketches and plans

Concept Design

Planning ideas

We translate your brief into initial plans, sketches and mood boards to help get a sense of the project.


Once the quotation has been finalised, a detailed design will be produced

Detailed Design

CGI modeling

Detailed construction drawings and specifications are determined. We provide CGI modelling of your scheme for a visual representation of the finished product prior to construction.

We ensure every one is unique


We offer garden rooms built

to Passivhaus principles.


For you, our customer, this means a healthy and energy-efficient place to be.

Initial sketch by Conker Construction
A completed Garden Room by Conker Construction

We use a Scandinavian ground screw foundation system to provide the strength and longevity of traditional foundations but without the environmental damage,


This means an efficient and tidy start to your project without the disruption, mess and long delays associated with concrete.


Better still, with this garden room constructionapproach, the piles we use are designed specific to each project and come with a 25 year guarantee.


And they're usually installed by lunchtime! 

What Makes Us Different?

Where does your money go?

We aren’t a national manufacturer of pre-designed boxes, with prices to reflect corporate overheads.


Instead, by operating as a lean and local business, we ensure your money is spent on the things that really matter – good design and quality materials. 

Continue your life as normal

Unlike traditional home improvement works, your garden room project will be as unobtrusive as possible, ensuring that your life can continue as normal in the process. 

Built on trust

Will and his team of talented craftsmen bring their wisdom to the construction process and are all so friendly you might miss them when they leave! We want your project to be an enjoyable experience and leave you feeling happy to recommend us to friends and family.

Unique to you

We design and make our own bespoke joinery to ensure that your space is perfectly reflective of how you’ll get the best from it. We create this off-site in our workshop. 

Sustainable materials & design

Always sustainable – we build with responsibly sourced materials. Will’s knowledge in Passivhaus construction drives his designs, endeavouring to make your garden studio the warmest, most efficient part of your property.  

Full service

We undertake the whole construction process, including groundworks, electrics and plumbing. 

Common FAQ's

Do I need planning permission?


In most cases, no. Under you Permitted Development Rights, you’re entitled to construct a garden room up to 2.5m in height within 2m of your garden boundary and up to 3m high if further from your boundary. Advice will be provided as part of your initial consultation and any necessary planning matters handled by Conker Construction for your peace of mind. Even if it doesn’t need planning, we can register your building with a Lawful Development Certificate, ensuring that if you sell your home, your garden room can be included in your sale without issue and therefore add value to your home.


How long will it take to build?


Due to the bespoke nature of Conker Construction, each project varies. However, as an example, for a 4m x 3m garden room, this would typically take 2 weeks to build with 1-2 weeks design beforehand, depending on the complexity of your vision. In other words, a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional extension, loft conversion or outbuilding.


How much will it cost?


Again, due to the bespoke nature of our projects, this will vary every time. However, due to our lean business structure and use of local suppliers we ensure that we can remove any unnecessary costs and deliver exceptional value for money. Our clients are normally surprised by what we can achieve for their budget!


Can I have a kitchen or bathroom?


Of course you can! You can have a bar, a gym, a barbershop, playroom, yoga room, a whole home in your garden for your relatives, or just a peaceful space to escape them. We enjoy a challenge so let us know your aspirations and we’ll talk.


Can I have heating and lighting?


If you aren’t getting this by now….yes, of course! We design all our garden rooms with LED lighting throughout and can offer a range of heating options including underfloor heating and log burners. Let’s discuss during your consultation what it is you’d like and we will tell you how we can make that happen.

What our clients say

Bristol Garden room production studio.jpeg

Piers, Bristol

William and his fellow "Conkerers" built a beautiful garden room for us and they will be missed now the project is complete.

Carole, Bristol

Will is brilliant and gives an over and above service. I was very happy with his professionalism and friendly manner. Much recommended.

Seth, Bristol

Will is a very talented and personable guy. He found really great creative solutions and delivered a top class job.

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