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Home Office

At the beginning of this project, our client expressed his interest in the garden room fitting naturally within the landscape of his garden. 

Whilst the timber frame Bristol garden room was being built as his home office, he was still keen for it to be fairly incognito with the idea that, over time it would weather into the existing garden. 

Having a job that was heavily centred around the use of a screen, it was important that the space would feel calm and productive at all times. Incorporating the Passivhaus principles into this, we were able to build an office thats energy-efficiency would provide the most comfortable setting year-round. 

Our client's interest in maintaining the nature heavy focus was again brought up during the design process for the interior style. 


Here, we offered birch plywood to clad the internal walls, with the soft orange hue nodding to natural/Scandinavian interiors whilst bringing the outdoors, in. 

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